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Junghans Bo-Uk-1, Aircraft Clock, Germany 1940

  • German-Front.1600
  • German-Back.1600
  • ME109
  • ME109-with-Gunsight
  • ME109-without-Sight
  • Ju 87 Stuka

Project Description

Junghans Bo-Uk-1, Germany 1940

A less common Blindfluguhr version 3 of 5, Anforderz Fl 23885 WWII Ju-87 Stuka & Me-Bf-109 cockpit Borduhr (panel clock). 36 hr spring driven, 11 jewel calibre 30BZ Swiss lever escapement. Gerat Nr 127-553A, Werk Nr 46902. 5,5 cm, Schramberg, Germany. Condition 8. Movement perfectly restored.
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